Saturday, April 14, 2012

Small Business Saturday - Leather Feather

Suzy Stepmom is an avid reader. That makes sense, though, considering she's a retired Librarian. She doesn't just read books, she devours them. After my trip to the library, I would return with 1...maybe 2...books that I knew I could finish before the allotted 2 weeks had expired. Her bag? Filled to the brim and she can finish every single one of them...usually with time to spare. It's impressive. But also makes gift-buying for her difficult because what she loves is books, but I never know which ones she's read. So that leaves gift cards to Barnes & Noble or Joseph Beth for every. single. occasion. Snooze-fest. Where's the fun in that? And thus began my search for book-related gifts on Etsy.

What I settled on was this hand-tooled leather feather from Leather and Copper on Etsy. Although it's pictured as a bookmark, I'm sure it would be beautiful in any number of uses...from home decor to shadow boxes. But I, of course, purchased it with a certain book-lover in mind.

This beautiful and delicate feather is hand-cut, carved, stamped, dyed, and crafted by the owner of Leather and Copper, Chelsea. The natural coloring on the front and dyed saddle tan on the back and sides provides an interesting contrast in colors and gives depth to the piece. It's sealed with Super Sheen leather coat to protect it against dirt and the elements (and, of course, gives it a super shiny sheen). Best of all? The entire package smelled of leather when I opened it. I sat with my nose stuck in the box for a solid 2 minutes until I was high on leather.

The feather has a bit of thickness to it, although not much. It is not, however, perfectly flat. So, I wouldn't recommend sticking it in a book and leaving it for months and months, as this may result in a bit of a feather "shadow" on the pages. But for someone who burns through books like I burn through chocolate chip cookies, I think it's perfect. And what a delightful way to find your place when you return to the written adventures that await you!

The Bottom Line:
Etsy store: Leather and Copper
Owner: Chelsea
Feedback: 25 with 100% positive
Open since: May 30, 2010
Price: $25.00 + $3.00 for shipping
Shipping: Arrived about a week after ordering
Rating: Awesome


That's it, let it all out....