Friday, April 20, 2012

Random Musings Friday I've longed for thee this week. I'm not sure why, but this has been an odd week, full of unexpected events. And y'know I don't do well with "unexpected." So, it's time for a little champagne, a lot of back porch time, and perhaps a game or 2 of bocce ball. But first...linking up with my own week's random...

1. All of my little towns have made the news recently. Lexington was voted the "Most E-Literate" city in America after someone sat down and figured out that their citizens own the most e-readers and download/buy the most e-books. My apologies to Joseph Beth, Barnes & Noble, and The Morris Bookshop. I hope this translates to Lexington being the most educated someday and not just the most well-read in the area of zombies, vampires and Shades of Grey trash.

Also, Shaquille O'Neil stopped in for a pizza at the Mellow Mushroom in Warner Robins a few weeks back. Random. And Shaun T. held an Insanity class at the Aviation Museum last Sunday, which is about 2 miles from the house. Double random. Had we known about this second one, I would have been strapping Neal's 5-toe shoes on him and pushing him out the door with a bottle of water and towel faster than you can say "burpees."

2. So Shana has me listening to freaking John Tesh when I run my lunchtime errands. His voice is like the sound of my food processor pulvarizing brick screws, but his information is usually very interesting. A few days ago, he found a study that proved that women who wore a little make-up to work (as opposed to au natural, which is my typical routine), are thought of as more competant and reliable. A dash of foundation, swipe of mascara and a dab of lipstick. Tammy Faye Bakker make-up translates to "flighty" and "irresponsible." I guess I should try a little harder. Although the only people who see me are commissary clerks, the cashiers at Hobby Lobby, and post office employees. And they probably see me as flighty and irresponsible anyway.

3.  Every now and then, our gas station on base will offer a free candy bar with 8 gallons of gas. Normally, I'm driving the Pathfinder and this is no problem. I get my 4720117356294 gallons of gas and my free candy bar and I'm on my way. But this week I've been driving the Prius. No candy bars for me. I'm so ready to give this crunchy granola car back to Neal so I can once again hit the highway with free chocolate.

4. I'm happy to report that there have been no more sightings of disrespectful children on bikes or squirrels mounting the bird feeder in our yard. As far as that goes, it's been a pretty quiet week. Now, "family" members popping up out of the blue and heavy, black rain clouds? That has been a-plenty.

5. Neal has been at an Army conference all week and as I dropped him off in Atlanta on Monday, I had the same thought I always do as I pull away from the airport...I'm going to get so much done this week! And yet...the laundry is still not put away, the kitchen floor is still dirty, the bills are still stacked on the shredder, and I've been meaning to wash the sap off the car. This lead to a life-altering "ah-ha" moment for me yesterday.

Basically, I am still busy, but cross less items off my eternal to-do list when he's gone because I'm picking up his slack. And because the Army has raised him right and he is Captain Helpful around the house, there is a lot of slack to pick up. This explains why I never got around to planting an herb garden or learning a foreign language, or crocheting an afghan while he was deployed. I was too busy keeping the cars maintained, the kitchen clean, food in the fridge, and the litter box emptied. If we go through another deployment, I will be much more realistic about my goals for the year. Like, survive the year.

I hope the weekend treats you well and the sun is shining somewhere in the country because it sure as hell ain't here. Don't forget to hug the Earth on Sunday and pop over to Daisy & Elm for some upcycled Earth Day jewelry and National Infertility Awareness Week jewelry, both of which will go on sale on Sunday afternoon.


This is how Mama Virgo arrived at our house last weekend, with an already-chilled bottle of white wine in the car. Very convenient as the wine I bought hadn't had time to properly cool. But really, when you wonder why I am the way I am, just remember that my mother drove 8 hours down I-75 with her post-drive drink chilling in the trunk. 1/2 prepared Girl Scout, 1/2 borderline alcoholic. The end.

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  1. Seriously, I listened to John Tesh the other day too. It was a total accident, I swear. And I will try my best to not do it again.

  2. Seriously - your Mom is awesome (dammit..I can't help, its a great word!).
    And what, exactly, is wrong with people who read a little zombie, vampire and S&M fiction along with their Richard Castle books?

  3. I don't understand all the hating on John Tesh. It's intelligence for your life. Last night I learned that eating cherries can have the same pain killing effects as taking Advil. Do you know how much Advil I take? Too much. Now I can eat cherries instead. Everybody wins.

    And your mother is a genius. If you want something specific to drink, you have to bring it with you. Remind me to tell you the Diet Snapple story some day.

  4. Hugs to you and your Mom! Enjoy your time together!!!

    The sun is starting to make an appearance over here. That would be good news, except the idiot, low-ranking families and their elevenity-billion ill-behaved children have come out of the woodwork. *sigh* I'm so OVER non-segregated housing!!! Senior enlisted troopers shouldn't be next to privates!!!!!! MPs number is now #1 on speed dial.

  5. Omigosh, did you know Shades of Grey started out as Twilight fanfic?!?

    I'm not sure whether that fact makes me want to cry or laugh hysterically, so it clearly has to be shared with the world.

  6. Your mom is a woman after my own heart and I think we share her love for being prepared and tipsy... I guess i'm 1/2 girl scout and 1/2 {for sure} borderline alcoholic. ;)

    I hope you have a happy weekend darlin! ox

  7. Sunny here the last two days, but rain coming tomorrow. Actually, I am longing for it. Did a ton of planting today and can use the help. we are way too dry. Hope you and Mama Virgo are having a good time. Go, Mama Virgo. Chill that wine.

  8. Free candy bar with gas sounds like the best deal ever to me. Although the Prius kind of speaks to my inner crunchy granola chick :)

    Hope you're well, Ally. I've missed you. It's lovely to come around and hear what's happening in your world these days.

    Also that's interesting about the makeup. I don't think I've ever worn ANY to the office before (but then again, I rarely wear any ever). I just think it looks so funny on me when I put it on now. Even just foundation and I feel like a clown. But then I went to Sephora recently and fell for these ridiculously long eyelashes that are cut out to look like silhouettes of people walking or something. You know. Subtle. :)

    Uhm, your mom is kind of my hero.


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