Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's ON! 13 hours and counting...

Some of you requested a friendly reminder when the online auction to benefit Wings for Our Troops "in loving Memory of CPL Chad S Wade" was open and ready for bidding.'s ON, folks! And I have already started an early morning bidding war over a precious Swarovski crystal American flag ring. I think it would be a perfect right-hand ring. The auction will close at 11:59 tonight...only open one day, which is one day that only rolls around once every 4 years. Really, this is a once-in-4-years opportunity! I also submitted 4 items for auction. Just to tease and tantalize you, they are...

I am personally a little ga-ga over the Uncle Sam earrings, but maybe that's the face only a military wife could love.

If you are interested in bidding or want to check current bids, please check After Glow Beads' Facebook fan page. All bids are placed on the first photo of each item in the online auction album. I cannot possibly think of a better way to spend Leap Day than purchasing RED items which will 100% benefit our Marines. I think we could classify this as a win-win.

Thank you for reading, looking, and bidding! 
Peace, love, and support for our troops,


  1. I just checked out all the auction items. There's a lot of really cool stuff up for grabs. I'll be placing a few bids.

    You're Uncle Sam earrings are cute, but I don't think I could pull them off;)

  2. Awww, sorry I'm just seeing this now. Love the bracelet/earrings!

  3. Lots of pretty pretties!! You rock!


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