Friday, February 24, 2012

Champagne Friday: This and That

I have a whole list of Random Musings from the past month that I've been typing furiously at stoplights and storing on my phone. So, I feel compelled to link up with Shana this afternoon for Random Musings Friday. Have your own random musings? Join the linky lunacy! It's almost as fun as popping the cork on a $6.00 bottle of spumante!

1. I saw this on Robyn's blog yesterday (admittedly, it was from a couple of weeks ago, but as I mentioned last week, I'm still playing catch-up). It's probably the funniest clip I've seen from a talk show in...well...ever. I adore Ellen but seldom watch because at 4PM, I am trying to tidy up, answer emails, start dinner, photograph jewelry, etc, etc. But I could watch this one clip for a straight 45 minutes and still be laughing. I have no idea this woman is, but I feel like, sloth adoration aside, we could probably be BFFEE.

2. In a rare moment of reasoning, Neal decided that asking for "unsweetened tea" is illogical, because that would assume the sugar was added and then taken out, thus making it "unsweetened." So, he has started asking for non-sweetened tea when we go out. It's bad enough that he is asking for anything but sweet tea in Georgia, but the request for "non-sweet tea" confuses everyone. From the cashier at Chick-Fil-A to the waitress at Olive Garden. They clarify that he wants "unsweet tea"...every. single. time. A couple of weeks ago, I pleaded that he just give up the fight and revert back to his old, sinful, grammatically incorrect ways. It will never catch on. And yet, I guarantee tonight at dinner he'll try again.

3. Neal loves to back the car into the driveway. Being able to just pull right out into the road in the morning means one less stressor on his way to work. Since the family across the street from us is competing with the Duggars, I thought I should start backing in, as well...especially because the Pathfinder is not equipped with a back-up camera. (P.S. Dear person who invented the back-up camera, We should dedicate a holiday to you.) Usually, this is not a problem. It's a fairly wide driveway and I just have to hook around a bit to the left to back into my spot. Except for last Tuesday night. It was late and dark and I was tired and I hit a tree. Eh...more like bumped it. I was going approximately 4 mph. But when I told Neal about it (after surveying the quarter panel to make sure there was no damage), he said "you hit the tree next to the driveway?" Yes. "But it's like 8' from the driveway." Yes. "So you were not actually in the driveway, but in the yard. You tried to back up into the yard." I'm done talking to you. It's just enough to make me want to strap a camcorder to my rear bumper and play it through my radio screen.

4. Finally...several weeks ago, Neal came home in a huff because he was missing some pieces to his uniform that he needed to take to a conference that weekend. He was going to make a run up to Clothing & Sales to see if they had the items. I agreed to go with him. It was warm and sunny and I needed a break. Since I was riding with him, I didn't grab anything but my phone and my military I.D., in case we went off base. And, for whatever reason, he didn't grab keys either. So, we were locked out of the house, looking at each other with that infamous expression of now what? Base housing charges $30 every time they have to come open your door. Neal was in no mood to spend $30. He improvised.

On one hand, I'm a little concerned that our house can be so easily infiltrated. On the other, I will gladly use that $30 for Nutella and ballet flats.

5. Just a few reminders...the auction to benefit Wings for Our Troops "in loving Memory of CPL Chad S Wade" will be next Wednesday, the 29th, on After Glow Bead's Facebook fan page. I will send one more reminder out on Tuesday night. She has a growing collection of donated items, from jewelry to glass to crocheted hats! I think the word epic applies here!

And Amanda @ It's Blogworthy will announce the winner of Daisy & Elm jewelry on Wednesday as well. It's not too late to post your tackiest, most-outdated clothing or jewelry that you still harbor in your closet! Go ahead and show us. We'll try to withhold most of our judgement.

May your sleep be deep, your to-do list short, and the weekend last for forever. We have a tornado watch here today. It reminded me that people in Florida get to drink Hurricanes...clearly we need a drink called The Tornado for our Tornado Parties.

Happy Champagne Friday!


  1. That is the best picture of Neal...ever. And I'm sure he's super happy that you put it on the internet for the whole world to see.

    Also...the woman in the video is Kristen Bell. While she's never been in a Ken Burns documentary...she's been in tons of other stuff. I love her too. Oh...and she was Veronica Mars...which might be a good next show for you if you haven't found one yet. I haven't started watching it yet (on my to-do list), but I hear it's great!

  2. So, can you and Neal just start up a sitcom? Cuuuuz, I can't stop laughing. You're funnier than Kristen Bell and her sloth problem. Every day. (and that Ellen episode made my sides hurt from laughing)

    I'm really upset that no one likes Cheerios anymore. Some guy lifts his shirt on a train and ruins the whole world. Damn him.

  3. You absolutely crack me up and I know for a fact that Neal and Tebo would be good friends. He backs into the garage every time and I'm terrified to try and back in and I do have one of those fabulous cameras,but I don't trust it (or myself) LOL! I love reading your blogs and the locking yourselves out of the house cracked me up, because we got new locks on the house and I locked us out of the house and we couldn't break in without Tebo having to jack the door up. LOL! We are quite the pair you and I. Love you sweet girl! Have a fabulous weekend.

  4. I adore Kristen Bell. She used to be Veronica Mars... well she wasn't HER she played her on a tv show. Then she went on to do comedy gems such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall [she's Sarah] and a few other cute/funny movies. But she just interviews SO well. She always claims she's boring but I'm always So entertained when she speaks. I have to watch this clip when I get home for sure!

    Want to feel better about hitting that tree. A few years ago I got home from work and realized I was locked out of the house - Mike had the only house key on his chain and he was at a friend's house. I got in the car, annoyed [never go in reverse when annoyed] and semi floored it out of our drive way... or at least tried... when I reversed quickly there was a loud smash... I hit the tree w/ the passenger side mirror... the tree was 2 ft from the driveway... I totally reversed sideways... WTF? Thankfully... the jeep mirrors fold in, so it flipped back into place but the mirror was shattered EVERYWHERE. YAY kelly!

    I hope you have a great weekend my dear! ox

  5. What is it about men and driveways. A month ago I was pulling INTO our driveway as Mitchell was GETTING into his car. As I drive in, he starts the car and starts to back up ... I am still pulling in! I slam on the horn and try to stop and get into reverse. He slams into me, and ... it's MY fault, he says.

    I say, stop backing up using ONLY your side mirror. Turn around and look behind you, Idiot!

    Fortunately at 4 mph each, there was no visible damage - I'm not sure his bumper is fine, but it's his car, his issue.

    Happy weekend.

  6. Well, congrats to Neal for improvising when you locked yourselves out of the house. I'd much rather put that $30 to good, too :)

    Also I love the convo that you both had about the driveway/yard. You kids are the cutest :)


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