Friday, February 3, 2012

Champagne Friday...Phone Photo Phun

There has been quite a bit of talk on Facebook this week about how the days just seemed to drrraaaaggggg between Monday and today. And I agree. Tuesday felt like Thursday and Wednesday felt like Friday and then it all kind of went to hell. But Friday is here again and just in time, no doubt. I decided to clean out some randomly snapped pics on my phone in celebration. So, pour a glass and enjoy. Some of this you can only find in charming as it is.

This is some serious hometown pride. Consider that the vehicle is a Ford Explorer and thus has a pretty sizable rear window. Now look at the size of that sticker. Even from 4 cars away I could tell that it said "Macon, GA" but it was a special kind of joy to end right behind it at a stoplight. Are you this proud of your hometown?

It's a's a's's definitely a plane. Being hauled up I-75. I never realized that a Nissan Pathfinder was the most efficient method to transport a plane, but then maybe it's no longer operational. It is wrapped in a body bag.

My only regret is that Target doesn't offer these in adult sizes. Nerdy Smurf on my feet? That's a win all the way around. High four!

A perfect example of "you get what you pay for." These interlocking exercise mats were on Amazon for $40. Neal, being the thrifty shopper that he is, found them at Sam's Club for $20. As he took them out of the package and started putting them together, he came up one short. I now realize that they intended you to make 2 squares of 4 mats each...but wouldn't a block of 9 make a lot more sense?

And finally...I snapped this yesterday as I was getting ready to back out at the post office. I do love to see synergy within the shipping industry. FedEx and the USPS holding hands and skipping sweetly down the yellow brick road. Or the FedEx chick just needed to drop her utility bill in the out box. Either way, I'm amused. 

May your weekend be long, the lines at the grocery store be short, and may your team reign victorious after Sunday's battle. Geaux Saints!! Oh...wait...

Happy Champagne Friday!


  1. I actually took the day off today after deciding I deserve a 3 day weekend. Slept in late, drinking coffee right now and catching up on blogs including yours is my way to start the weekend. Your one step ahead of me....I don't even know who's playing. I thought about having a party and calling it the "kickoff to halftime" Superbowl party because I want everyone to leave at half time. If I have to host till the end of it, I don't want to do it at all. What do you think? :) Enjoy your weekend. Go Lions!

  2. So THAT'S why you hate vinyl cuts!! I don't blame, ya, sista! I would NEVER advertise my town. My Lawd.

  3. Great - and funny - pictures!

    I need to learn to use my camera phone - do not mock me! Today as I drove past the local tattoo and piercing parlor, there were two people who appeared to be leaving the Pepto Bismol pink piercing parlor...

    he was about 95, and she was about 95 and bent double over a walker. Couldn't help wondering what they got pierced and wishing I had had a camera. YOU would have had one!

  4. That plane is insane!!! Nice shot by the way!!! Happy Weekend! oxox

  5. Loved your snaps!

    I hope you have a great weekend too. We aren't going to Pisa after all (Bella has strep), but that's OK. It's been there for a while and can wait for us, lol! We're going to rest up before the Big Clean Up starting on Monday. (blah!)

  6. Those smurf slippers look amazing. I would take them to work with me this morning if I could.

  7. I would've built the exercise mats as one 3x3 as well so don't feel badly


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