Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Champagne Friday, FINALLY!

I'm not sure where the past 3 Fridays have gone. I don't even think there was champagne consumed on those days. I mean, that's not to say there wasn't something else...sangria, Miller Lite, grog...just not champagne. That is a sad, sad story indeed. But today is different because we do have a bottle of champagne chillin' in the (dorm) fridge, thanks to Mama Virgo and her Happy Anniversary wishes. Nothing says Happy Anniversary like finally celebrating it, 2 weeks later.

So, to celebrate Champagne Friday this week, I bring you drunken photography. Pop a cork, put your feet up, and celebrate the weekend, my friends...for Monday comes way too soon!

Horse racing + lemon drops + track-side seats = drunk by 2 PM

Neal has a beer-induced lazy eye.

Nothing says "environmentally friendly" like boob windmills.

Neal totally missed his calling as a Chippendale...just sayin'...

I love it when dancing involves the hands, too.

Last one of the evening.



  1. HAHAHAHA!!! Man, Jason's lazy eye starts kickin after he has a few drinks too, so that one looks vaguely familiar to me. ;)

    Have a great weekend, girl. Champagne it up!

  2. I think we should have a best drunken pic link up. It would totally be a double rainbow all the way across the sky!

  3. Please tell me that the next to last picture was the robot, because that? is awesome. Well either way, it's awesome.

  4. Nothing says class like the bride chugging champagne straight from the bottle. I have a picture of Marisa doing the same thing at her wedding. Out of the thousands of pics of that night it's my favorite. Love yours too! And your boob windmills. Priceless.

  5. The captions under these photos are priceless. I also love the use of hands in dance (that def looks like a robot!).

  6. You sure do know how to have fun!

  7. This is precisely why I need more champagne in my life.

  8. I was so confused when I saw the boob windmills because I thought they were breast pumps.

    Boob windmills are more fun because they only add to your rack. Breast pumps taketh away.


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