Thursday, October 1, 2009

What happens when you forget that you're running an amusement park

A) I think technically right now I am supposed to be helping my husband make sure that all of the camping equipment works...but I believe that would rob him of his machismo and certainly his I'm going to blog instead.
B) I found this story on USA Today this morning and I just don't feel like a true Kentuckian (which borders with Ohio, for those of you not smarter than a 5th grader, and is home to Kings Island) if I didn't say something about it.
c) I've been drinking wine since 4:30 because if I lived in central time, it would be 5:00 in eastern standard time...

I have never been to Kings Island during the haunting season. I'm really not such a fan any other time of the year, either. If I desire to eat greasy carnival food and then fall freely from the sky, all the while wondering if a screw will pop and send me crashing to an early death, then I will go to Frankfort's Expo and save myself $45 and still get to play "Count the Mullets". But I hear that it's a good time...if you're into that sort of thing. So, I was a little shocked to read this morning that Kings Island had decided to do a Celebrity Skeleton exhibit in the park...a little like Madam Taussaud's, but with a lot less class - perfect for the Ohioans (whoops, sorry Cindy). This is a just a small list of skeletons included in the exhibit:
  • Michael Jackson (as pictured above) complete with sparkly glove, sans IV full of Fentanyl.
  • Farrah Fawcett (I'm not sure how this was going to be completed, but I can only hope that good hair was involved).
  • Sonny Bono strapped face-first to a tree and decked out in ski gear.
  • Boston Red Sox Hall of Famer Ted Williams stuffed in a glass-door freezer (apparently he was cryogenically frozen after his death. I think this is only a tiny bit classier than having one of Jeffrey Dahmer's victims hanging out of a Frigidaire while Jeff stood beside, licking his fingers).
  • Steve McNair sporting a #9 jersey, eating from a Tennessee Titans snack bowl with a dress-wearing skeleton sprawled across his lap and a gun laying on the ground.
  • And various others...i.e. Billy Mays (I hope he was holding a bottle of OxyClean), Dave Thomas, and Heath Ledger.
Someone somewhere along the way decided that perhaps this exhibit was in bad taste. In case you have ever wondered what would be the result of serving bourbon at your next board meeting, I can only assume that this would be it. I can hear this conversation now, "hey, you know what would be funny?"....And then they ended up in the USA Today.


  1. No need to apologize....if it's half as disgusting as you described then the little "exhibit" is most definitely tasteless. Besides, in 4 more years I will have lived in Kentucky longer that I did Ohio, so that will make me more Kentuckian than Ohioan and sometimes that can be a GOOD thing ;o)

  2. That does sound tasteless, I can't believe they THOUGHT it was a good idea :(

  3. I'm really horrified that anyone would think that's a good idea.


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