Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mii and the Wii

My Wii-Fit will tell you, as it did me, that when I turned it on yesterday, I had not used it in 136 days. And then it copped a bit of a smug attitude and said, "Well, look who it is! Welcome back, Ally!" (kind of like my mom does when she hasn't talked to me for a few days...also not really appreciated). So, I nodded in agreement, that yes, it has been awhile, but perhaps we should get the unpleasantries over with and move forward. It wanted to weigh me, which I did not want to do, but I thought it will be be a good yeah OK. It asked for the weight of my clothes, giving me 3 options: light (0-2 lbs), heavy (3-5 lbs) and other (I have no idea). In retrospect, I think I should have chosen heavy, although I was standing there in yoga pants and a sports bra (and very much feeling like the Jenny Craig before photo). So, it calculated my BMI (which was no surprise...yes, I know I'm "obese", but you can't factor in this much gladiator-muscle without being "obese" on the BMI scale. It's so inaccurate. MOVE ON!) Then it calculated my weight. Then it said "OH! You've GAINED 7.7 lbs!" (thank you for breaking it down into tenths of a pound for me...because I wasn't sure if it was 7.6 or 7.8 but looks like you've cleared that all up). Then it said "do you know why you've gained so much weight?" And then it gave me a list of options: 1) I have not been exercising; 2) I've been snacking (which, for the record, I don't think should be a choice because I believe in smart-snacking. Otherwise you have a lagging metabolism and a muffin-top for a belly); 3) I've been eating too much; 4) I don't know. Those were my choices. There was no I was pregnant or I had such horrible morning sickness that getting off the couch to take a vitamin caused the world to spin so I opted not to run in place for 25 minutes...Just "I eat too much" or "I don't exercise enough." HUGE oversight on the part of Wii, I think. So, I chose "I don't know" because I haven't been eating too much, I was eating for 2 and I did exercise when I didn't think I would lose lunch over it. So, fine...I'm 7.7 up from when I started using Wii-Fit...which I was 5 lbs up back then. So, for all of you keeping score at home, that's 12.7 lbs. Not unattainable but certainly tricky during the October-November-December months).

Then I started my workout. It was a cardio day so I did some basic step aerobics - and apparently the Wii deemed me worthy to unlock the "advanced" step...which is appropriate, I think, considering I used to be a step aerobics instructor and then I ran in place for 40 minutes, which is much harder than one would think. And at one point, during one of my 10-minute "free" runs, the Wii calculated that I had run 1.6 miles in 10 minutes. Um...yeah...NO. I run a 12-minute mile, pretty much without fail. You could almost set your 007-watch by my stride. So, to say that I ran a 4-minute mile is well...utterly ridiculous. And if that is true, perhaps I should only run where I can be barefoot and cushioned by an oriental rug.

I don't use the Wii-Fit a lot (as indicated by my 136-day absence) but when it's raining outside and I'm crunched for time and will be eating out 2 of my 3 meals that day, it's better than nothing. But if I get on next time and there has been another weight increase (after all of my calorie counting and gym visits), Mii-heads will roll!

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