Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Traffic Tuesdays - Blogging About Bad Behavior

I am inspired by my friend, Cindy. She has "themed" days on her blog. Wednesday is not just Hump Day, at Tinnyanna's place, it's Wordless Wednesday (where she posts photos from the week - and let me tell ya, the girl has the eye of Anne Geddes without any of the creepiness). And now she has a new one, It's Not Me Mondays...as in: no, I did not wish the flu on the very perky Target cashier...no, I did not have a dream that I lost my passport and my iPod Touch on a European vacation and was more upset about losing my Touch...and no, I certainly did not walk out to get the mail holding a bottle of wine so that the neighbors in the cul-de-sac would keep from asking "how's the baby doing"...And in my skinnier days, I did not mow the grass in a bikini so that all of the neighborhood moms would be jealous that I had visible abdominal muscles. That's It's Not Me Mondays and I love it so much that I may institute it a couple of times a month because really...sometimes you just have to get these things off of your chest (which is why PostSecret is so popular and well worth your time if you are killing time on a Friday afternoon at say...4:45). And if you want to read Cindy's confessions, you can find her at http://tinnyanna.blogspot.com.

But it's not Monday, it's Tuesday. So, I'm having Traffic Tuesdays. This is actually inspired by my husband, who has driven a humvee down the middle of the road while oncoming Iraqi civilians wave frantically and scuttle their cars into the ditch to avoid him...he is immensely annoyed by Lexington drivers. He is frustrated by their seemingly mindless lane-changes and lack of courtesy while behind the wheel. I used to avoid leaving the house with him on the weekends because that's when the idiots come out to play. But it seems to be happening in the middle of the week, too, as we discovered while he was home 2 weeks ago. So, here you go, honey...this is my attempt to call out these fools publicly and shame them into better driving. But just in case, perhaps you should start memorizing the bus schedule.

It's a sad fact, but apparently, they have stopped putting turn signals in cars. We've particularly noticed it in the new-fangled, fancy-schmancy cars. Drivers of BMW's and Lexus and Mercedes are no longer able to declare their intentions. They simply have to take a quick glance over their left shoulder (while still holding the iPhone with the right shoulder) and check for any possible victims. The hybrid-driving, granola-crunching driver doesn't stand a chance. To an Escalade, the Prius is a speck of road dust, unable to be seen by rear view mirrors the size of my head. And with no turn signals to alert him, the unlucky environmentalist must test the agility of Toyota's breaking system. So, we ask that you write your congressman and let them know of this lingering oversight. While GM is restructuring, perhaps they can add the turn signals back in...because we know that if people had them, they would use them.


  1. Glad you like my themed days :) Not using turn signals is my #1 biggest driver pet peeve. GRRRRRR!!!

  2. Let's don't forget about all the smoker's who throw their cigarette butts out the car window either!!!


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