Wednesday, February 4, 2015

On the Seventh Day of Christmas bestie gave to me,
lights around the big city.

There's just no shortage of Christmas decorations in a city like New York. Y'know that line in Silver Bells that goes, "even the lights blink a bright red and green"? It's like that. So, before dinner on Saturday evening, we cruised the grounds of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, hoping to get a photo (or 30) of the Christmas tree that sits over the fountain during the holidays.

But it was not there.
I have Googled the heck out of "Lincoln Center Christmas Tree 2014" and while it appears they had one, it was certainly not in the traditional spot. Shana thinks they may have moved it closer to the road. This year, in place of the fountain was...a fountain. So, we practiced our night water photography while Neal
well, waited. He got really good at waiting. Although the Army has made him really good at waiting, too.

We played with settings...

and angles...

And then Shana snapped one of my most favorite pictures of me ever. (Which is quite the compliment as I'm an only child and there are loads of pictures of me.)

Finally, it was time for dinner. Shana had booked us a table at The Smith Restaurant, across the street from the Lincoln Center. It was probably one of the best meals I ate all weekend. If you would like to drool over your keyboard a bit this morning, here's the menu. But really, just 5 words: blue cheese fondue potato chips
We ate
And now, most likely, Shana is going to read this, get an insatiable craving and start texting me pictures of her fresh, piping hot bowl of chips as soon as they open the doors for lunch. Life is so unfair.
Three more words: Brooklyn Blackout Cake...
served with a side of malted milkshake. Looking at this now, I honestly have no idea how the 3 of us managed to share it. I credit the chips and a delectable dinner that left just enough space for 1/3 of this divine dessert. I want this again. Right now. 

After dinner, we were all full and, if we were being honest, a little on the miserable side. So, we decided to walk the city. The Time Warner Center, a multi-level shopping mall at Columbus Circle, had constructed a lights-with-music-accompaniment Christmas display. Titled Holiday Under the Stars, it featured twelve 14-foot stars that hung from the ceiling of the 150-foot Great Room. The stars slowly changed colors in unison with one another and a collection of musical Christmas favorites, such as Cool Yule by Louis Armstrong, Let It Snow by Lena Horne and several pieces by the Jazz Orchestra of Lincoln Center. 

 Creepy silhouetted mannequins in the background courtesy of the Armani store...

In general, I'm not a fan of malls. I think they are giant shrines to capitalism and American greed. But I do love the way these colorful lights were reflected in the Boss store windows...

As I wrap up this post, I realize I may have accidentally combined 2 "days of Christmas" into 1. Whoopsie. So, there's a very real chance there will only be 11 days of Christmas. Oh well....perhaps on the 12th day we all rested.

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