Friday, August 9, 2013

Random Musings Friday: All the Random

It is 5 minutes to 1 AM and that is pretty standard for me nowadays. I have cleaned the kitchen, put away the toys (as of this weekend, I am taking that off my to-do as we teach Blue how to put his own damn smart phone in the basket at the end of the day. I think a 1-year old should know how to properly store his smart phone, yes? before I get hate mail, it's not a REAL smart phone. It's Fisher Price. And because we are drones for all things Fisher Price/Melissa & Doug/VTech, he has a smart phone which then allows me to re-gain control of my iPhone. Absolutely #FirstWorldProblems), and worked for little while on some custom jewelry. But if I don't start blogging again on a regular basis, my head is going to explode and when the hazmat crew comes in, they are going to find tiny bits of ideas and half-written stories where my brain should be. So, time to get on it. Even if it is 5 till 1.

This week's Random brought to you by several different events...

5. When I was in the 8th grade, I went on a weekend trip to Chicago with Mama Virgo. Although Navy Pier was incredible and the Sears Tower was breathtaking, what caught my eye and stole my heart was the 5' tall stuffed giraffe in the FAO Schwartz window of the Water Tower. I begged. I pleaded. My cries fell on deaf ears (which I now realize was quite the feat now that I am also the mother of an only child and someone who has a hard time walking out of Sam's without a new book or child-sized piece of equipment simply because I want him to have it). For 19 years I have pined after the giant stuffed giraffe. I saw it once at a consignment sale in Georgia, but Blue was just a few weeks old and was beginning to overheat in the non-air conditioned building. So, I walked away from a $15 giant stuffed giraffe. My precious.

Fast forward to Blue's birthday party last week. In an effort to make it easier on my friends without kids and my friends who have kids who now drive cars, I made an Amazon wish list for Blue. Lots of books (many of which I want to read myself...Aliens Love Underpants, Dragons Love Tacos, Lyle Lyle Crocodile...I'm not saying they are classics, but they certainly capture the imagination more than Kittens Are Like That). Apparently, Melissa & Doug now make a giant stuffed giraffe. I added it, half-joking...half-wishing with all of my heart that someone I knew would make the leap of faith.

Someone did.

Blue is more intimidated than anything. But I...I am in love.

Never ever again will I take curbside recycle pick-up for granted. Never. Ever. Ever. Again. (yes, the seats are down. Yes it was full all the way up to the back of the passenger's seat. Seriously never again.)

I saw these at Target a few weeks ago and fell irrationally in love. We don't even have a dog and I wanted them....simply because they are quintessential American. I'm fairly certain that balloon animals originated somewhere in middle America. Not Greece or Paris. But like Boise. But we don't have a dog. Or an empty light socket. So I walked away. But sometimes we go back and visit them. 

These are my new wheels. Yes, it has a bike bell and hibiscus flowers painted on the side. It has 3 speeds and the basket holds my purse and my wand. But Blue hates his helmet. I mean hates it. As in, tugs at the straps for about 10 minutes, whining the entire time, before finally slumping over in the seat and resigning to look at his feet for the rest of the ride. We're working on it.

If you have found yourself saying to yourself, "Self, I really wish I knew where to find an R2D2 drink cooler," well...look no more. Your search is over. It was in Shepherdsville, KY all the while. It was, in fact, at

*that says The Most Awesome Flea Market in the World*
Another little known fact...this is not the most awesome flea market in the world. Or, really, even in the tri-state area. But at least they didn't charge for parking, so at least there's that. But I'm pretty sure I owe Shana a frosty in a waffle cone for going with me on the maiden voyage.

More Shanally Adventures to post, plus a year in retrospect...all next week. Probably at 5 minutes till 1.
Happy Champagne Friday, everyone! I raise a glass and toast my bubbles to you! 


  1. I remember well the wee hour blogging thing. And I had two teen-aged helps too! Hugs, and enjoy that ridiculous giraffe of yours!!!

  2. So jealous of you ... er, Blue. Have wanted that giraffe since i was a wee girl!Cheers!

  3. Hey girl, you changed the name of your blog! I was spinning through my reading list and saw Allyway and actually asked myself out loud, "how did that get there?" Then the coin dropped and I realized, oooooooohhh, THAT Ally.

    Well, good to see you and your five foot giraffe!


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