Friday, January 11, 2013

I'll Drink to That!

I am completely unprepared for today's Champagne Friday post. And by that, I mean that when I logged in, I noticed that I have posted 299 times. Making this my 300th post. And that requires way more fanfare than "here is my 300th post." Let me see if I can find something more appropriate....

This is Baby Blue on his 1 month birthday...which was kind of a really long time ago. And, I just noticed, he doesn't so much look like this now. This is when he looked like his Daddy. People now see more of me in's been a long 15 months waiting to hear those words. Anywho...I think the polka-dotted party hat and confetti cupcake are the perfect amount of celebration for a

300th POST! 
for the record, I really wish I could make that bigger...

In honor of my houseguest this weekend, I'm going to make it a Random Musings Champagne Friday. Shana is on her way down to spend some quality girl/auntie time. She promises no less than 3 romcoms (none of which feature Adam Sandler, per my request. He has not seemed right to me since that turkey song), enough scones to get us all through breakfast everyday, and pedicures. I promise a fairly clean house, a fairly happy baby, and a drive by a house nearby that was constructed entirely of gravestones. (Ironically, I'm pretty sure it's not haunted. Also, I highly recommend checking out for unexpected stops along your journey.) Time permitting, I'm going to take her to the 2-story tall milk jug building in Richmond.'s this week's no certain order. 

1) Neal got the ManCold (but no stomach flu) last week. Baby Blue got the stomach flu (but no ManCold) last week. I'm a lucky, lucky girl and got both. Neal, ever the optimist, said to me right before I passed out in a Nyquil-induced fog, "at least you'll have immunity to both now!" So, there's that. 

2) On my one healthy day this week, I went to my first Zumba class in about 18 months. Of all of the group fitness classes out there right now, it's probably my favorite. For 60 minutes, I get to pretend like I'm an arm's length away from Antonio Banderas and we are cha-cha-cha'ing our way to bliss (and a set of hips that just won't quit). But on Tuesday, I cha-cha-cha'd my way to an asthma attack and the knowledge that I shouldn't be jumping quite so much after delivering a baby. Also, I'm in that "not quite there" stage. Not quite big enough to fill out a pair of maternity yoga pants, not quite small enough to squeeze it all into my old ones. So I went with the bigger ones, which allowed for breathing. The result was a lot of stopping to pull everything back up and one unfortunate incident where Antonio twirled me so hard that my shirt came up and the raw chicken flesh of an abdomen was exposed. That was awesome. And a reminder to wear 2, maybe 3 shirts. 

3) During day 2 of Montezuma's Revenge, I sent Neal out for 2 cans of chicken noodle soup. Nothing fancy. Not even Progresso. Just plain ole Campbell's Soup chicken noodle soup. Yes, it's an insult to foodies everywhere that I would even bother to open it, much less actually consume it. But desperate times and all...

Thirty minutes later he returned. With 2 cans of Campbell's Soup.  Well, 2 cans of Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup. After my come-apart and so much heavy sighing I'm sure he thought I was going to pass out, I explained to him that ones does not simply pop open a can of cream of chicken soup for dinner. It's an ingredient. Usually in a long list of other ingredients. But I'm going to save them for serving the next time he gets ManCold. 

4) We can't put our Christmas away until the temperature reaches 65 degrees. Because only about half of what we own fits in our apartment, we've rented a storage unit for the rest. But between pulling everything out to get Christmas decorated in the first place and half-hearted attempts to find our diaper pail and my custom patio cushions, it's a hot mess in there. Neal refuses to put anything else in until it all comes out and gets reorganized. Apparently, that's not a task he's willing to take on in the snow.  Therefore, we are those annoying people with their Christmas lights on every night. And it's practically Valentine's Day.

5) Now that I don't question every single parenting decision I make (nor do I think that Neal and I are in way over our heads), we made the leap to cloth diapering (and cloth wiping because if you're doing the laundry anyway...). After we drove our Prius to our baby massage (gah, yes. We're those people.), I asked for a cloth diapering demonstration and she just made it look so flippin easy. Like here are some snaps and some inserts and throw it all in the bag and don't touch a thing! Sold!

Except, there  is some rinsing of poop in the toilet (because try as I may to introduce something solid, he has yet to find what he likes). Also, I don't want to rinse poop out of cloth wipes so we use regular wipes for those. Also, he soaks through a cloth diaper overnight so we put him in a disposable after the last bottle. I would say we are 65% saving the planet. Add our french fry burner but deduct the GasFinder that Neal drives everyday and we're like 62%. Apparently we aren't going to see a cost savings until after we would have bought 25 boxes. Which is in about 5 months. So in May we'll do a dance of profit. 

I know I will have many adventures to share after Shana's weekend here. At the very least, she will be able to boast that I watched something not made by Ken Burns and, possibly, we're going to make that Samoa bunt cake from Pinterest. Or maybe we'll just take a couple of spoons to that can of caramel cooking in the crock pot.

Happy Weekend and Happy Champagne Friday! Cheers y'all! 
editor's note: I have NO idea why Blogger insists on double-spacing this post. It's annoying to me but maybe Big Mama will be able to read it without her glasses. 


  1. Everyone seems to be having Blogger issues the past couple of days! Could it be your browser? I have Firefox and haven't had any problems. I've noticed that my photos load really fast now too. Have fun with your friend!

  2. Tomorrow it will be warm enough to do all your "relocating" if Aunt Shana will do a little Blue Boy sitting, so maybe you can make some headway. If not, perhaps i can help in the next couple of weeks.

    Sorry you've all been sick!

  3. Oh gross. Cream of chicken. I might have puked.

  4. Ally, congratulations on that gorgeous, happy baby boy! Somehow I managed to miss any mention of him, though I recall saying to myself, "She's pregnant," based on no confirmable evidence. Sorry you got all the nasty germs, but it sounds like you recovered in time to have a little fun. I love your travel posts! And congrats also on your 300th post.


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