Monday, January 14, 2013


If you don't get that reference, please rush right out and get yoself the "Pitch Perfect" DVD. And some gummi bears (in honor of me and Shana, obviously) and some kind of underwear protection. Rebel Wilson is our new movie BFF. 

Things are all kinds of sad around here today now that Shana has scooted back up to the New City of York. The sky got so depressed that it has done nothing but cry big buckets all day. She will use these last 2 sentences to strengthen her case for us to move up there for our next PCS. Ah...if only Uncle Sam worked that way. Although the weekend was short and time always flies when we have to do superfluous things like sleep, we managed to squeeze several of the musts in.

1. We have learned that bumper-to-bumper traffic in DC on a Friday afternoon is not necessarily a foregone conclusion. However, you should probably stop to pee before Dumfries.

2. There is a restaurant around the corner run by Italians (as in practically straight off the boat from the mothaland). They make authentic Italian pizza dough (*ahem* meaning without the heaping cup of sugar, Papa John's) and probably roll their eyes every time an American orders a pizza with no less than 53 toppings. But it is some damn fine pizza. (They also offer cheeseburgers and an entire selection of deli sandwiches. They have undoubtedly decided that's what they must do to survive as a restaurant in America. That is what Italians think of us.) They also must think that we are a nation of gamers because they provided this gem for entertainment while you wait:
Losing to Shana in Ms. PacMan did result in me downloading the app on my iPhone so I can brush up on my joystick skills before we meet again.

3. I was again convinced to choose a color besides red or pink for my pedi polish. I chose emerald green...because it's the color of money, y'all. Also because this pedi has to last me until at least St. Patrick's Day.

4. One person's fashion faux pas is 2 people's fashion forward trend. This specifically applies to those 1/64" foam pedicure flip flops being worn throughout Target. (I also need someone to explain to me why there is an entire display of itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikinis but not a single flip flop to be found within the 4 walls.)

5. When it came time to seek out lunch on Saturday, I looked up restaurants within the area and got a special kind of giddy when I learned we had a Whataburger. Ever since Lane Frost's first date with Kelly in 8 Seconds, I've sort of had an unnatural obsession. So, tap, tap, tap that addy into the GPS and 8 minutes later, we pulled up to....this...
OK, folks...soooo NOT a Whataburger. Where's my A-frame building? Where's my overlapping orange W's? Better yet...where's my drive-thru (because what we weren't about to do was walk our whataflipflops through those doors). So, we went to Wendy's. And had asiago ranch chicken sandwiches. And pretended it was whatachicken. Whatadisappointment.

6. Apparently, within our quaint city is a house constructed entirely of tombstones. Shan has those pictures and promises to post very soon.

7. We may have taken Baby Blue to a bar. But it's totally OK because we were there for take-out. But it's very possible that he was actually sitting at the bar for about 30 minutes while we waited. I hope CPS don't take the baby. 

8. Last year, I pinned this beaut on my "Get in my belly" board:
and I've been having inappropriate thoughts about it ever since. It's a Samoa bundt cake that is supposed to taste just like the caramel delight Girl Scout cookies (which I have been known to eat in mass quantities until someone intervened). The blogger confessed that it had taken her much of the day to bake it because a) it calls for caramel which is usually made by submerging a can of sweetened condensed milk in the crockpot for at least 7 hours and b) it is a marble cake so 2 batters must be prepared. Then there's coconut toasting but that was really not so difficult (and made my house smell like sex on the beach. Literally.). Anyway, I have enough pictures to do an entirely separate post but let me say that I was supposed to freeze it and feed off of it for the entire winter. But Big Mama will be lucky to get a piece when she arrives on Friday. (If you would like to re-create this on your own turf, it wasn't difficult - nor did it call for anything weird like cream of a young coconut - and the recipe can be found by clicking on the link above). 

9. Michael's sells temporary henna tattoos. If you care for an infant, considering applying it somewhere other than the inside of the wrist on your dominant hand. 

10. Disclaimer: I know this is mean, but I can't help it... Driving around Richmond on Saturday, we spotted a homeless man on the side of the road (which is alarmingly common around this area). His sign read: HOMELESS AND HUNGEY. So, to that I will repeat the wise words of my first grade teacher: Dude..there's an "r" in there. Sound it out. (In our burg to the south, the homeless work corners everyday like it's their full time job. And for that, I give them a LOT of credit.)

So next up will be Baking With Shana (or How Ally Learned About the Purpose of the Lip on the Baking Powder Can). Have you tried a Pinterest recipe lately? How did it go? Would you do it again?


  1. I want that cake.
    And a hamburger.
    And I've heard so much good stuff about Pitch Perfect that I'm going to have to get it.

  2. Once again, you have completely entertained me and while I'm not easily made to feel hungry, for a split second I considered a Whataburger. LOL! Love you girlfriend.

  3. You can save some time on the caramel by putting the CAN of sweetened condensed milk (with the top lid removed) on a stove burner on very low. I forget how long it takes, but not 7 hours.

    We need the rain, so you may not complain - sorry!

    Soon, baby, soon.

  4. Yay! You posted!! :D Now I want cake, a vacation, and a real Whataburger. How did you do that?

    I was planning on seeing Pitch Perfect this weekend! Now I kind of HAVE to.

  5. Now I am in the mood for green toes too! I have done them once, but it's most def time again! And thank you for the pizza comment. I thought it was just me that found it super sweet.


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