Friday, May 11, 2012

Random Musings Friday

Y'know...the week just zooms by when you spend the first half of it at the beach. Amazing how that happens. I'm again linking up with Shana for Random Musings Friday. If you want to play along, grab the button and click on Shana to share your post. If we can get to 10 links, I'll buy everyone a puppy. Or a photo of a puppy.

1. So, yes...we kind of played hooky from all things adult and fled to Hilton Head for 3 days in the sand, sun, and surf. I asked one of my clients this week if it was possible to completely rejuvenate with only 1 full day at the beach. She said, without hesitation, "Absolutely." And now...I agree.

We hit the beach each morning for a 1-2 mile walk, coffee in hand and sunblock slathered all over. The tide was the highest I've ever seen it and we've all decided to blame it on the Super Moon (as well as the overall moodiness that everyone seems to have felt this week. And they say our behaviors aren't affected by the moon. I call "BS" on that).

Also, we packed away crab cakes, fried green tomatoes, coconut shrimp, seafood gumbo, lobster bisque, shrimp and grits, Derby pie, bourbon balls, and homemade waffles. And then....we waddled back home.

2. A local 10-year old boy ran away from home this week. I missed most of the coverage since we were out of town, but I follow our local television station on Facebook and was seeing the daily updates. It wasn't until this morning that I had a chance to watch the news reports on their website. Apparently, according to the reporter who had interviewed the boy's father earlier in the day, the boy's favorite video game was Call to Duty and he had beaten it at the age of 8. His father told the reporter that he was unconcerned about the safety and whereabouts of his son because he believed his son was just playing out a real-life version of Call to Duty. Also, the father said he was pretty sure the boy was getting water from people's hoses and that when he got hungry, he would return home.

There was so much wrong with that 30 seconds of reporting that I don't even know where to start. Even Neal, a trained Soldier, doesn't play Call to Duty. Also, if our son ever went missing, I'm fairly certain Neal wouldn't even pause his search to give a TV interview. I wouldn't wish the disappearance of a child on anyone, but sometimes I wonder if maybe parents create an environment where it becomes more likely.

3. My horse, Gemologist, lost the Kentucky Derby last Saturday, as did Neal's horse, Bodemeister, which ran the entire race in the front (as evidenced by his shiny clean, non mud-caked coat). Dane Cook's Baby Daddy actually won the pool of money with her horse, I'll Take Another, which I continuously mistook for her command to pour her another drink. It's only fair that she won, though...especially after I accidentally poured lemonade on her 7-month old's head. Apparently, lemonade stings when it gets in the eye.

4. Although Neal has out-smarted the squirrels, he still needs to train the birds not to waste food. They burn through a feeder full of food every 3 days. Hey birds...there are starving aviary populations in Africa, y'know...

5. And this week, the Infant Loss community welcomed a handsome and healthy baby boy into the world. When you witness a dear friend lose 20-week twins while her husband is deployed to Afghanistan and then another baby after his return, it makes you do a lot of uncharacteristic shake your fist at God, question His plan, and doubt His existence in general. And you begin to think that life can never be good again. But then, through the marvels of modern medicine and the sheer willpower of one of the most inspirational women I know, a baby is born and 2 finally becomes 3. Every baby born is a gift from God and an absolute miracle and while we don't particularly think of a woman as "earning" or "deserving" a baby, this new mommy has both. I know that we will be reunited with our baby angels one day, but until then, it sure is a blessing to have one on Earth, too. Congratulations to W's mom and dad!

Cheers to you and here's a toast to a lovely weekend! (albeit landlocked...)


  1. I just love your posts... I agree 100% with you on the interview with the father of the missing boy. Really? Geez! As for the W's (yeah!). What a wonderful end to their life story. Amazing. You - well, yeah for you too and your little get away! You and Neal both deserved it. Love you girl.

  2. All the above mentioned foods sound delightful. And yeah that Dad is delusional. Maybe he's just having a breakdown and trying to convince himself things are ok. Congrats to your friends on their new baby.

  3. The last story is a happy ending and brought tears to my eyes.

    I think even 8 hours on a beach would help my mentality at this point, it sounds like you lived your days to the fullest while you were there.

    That father is an idiot and I truly hope that little boy is OK. I can understand remaining calm but... that is crazy. Sounds like a stunt to me. Where's Joe Dirt's parents w/ their clowns they probably live next door to that father.

    You make me long to watch the Preakness this weekend. I might have to do that! :)

    Happy weekend girl!

  4. Congrats to Baby W's mom and dad! And I agree with what you said about that father. The whole time I was reading that I was thinking WTF? Some people are far too crazy. Did they ever say why the kid ran away?

  5. You do know that I look forward to the totally random fridays, right? Frankly I think I should do and capture the totally random things my kids say and do all week. But seriously... add one more thing to my life... I think not! :) Love you!

  6. Hilton Head is such a wonderful place! I don't think I enjoyed it enough when we were at Stewart, but if we go back there, I will!! Hugs and I hope you are feeling calm and refreshed! HUGS!!!

  7. HHI is our absolute favorite place for R&R. We normally go for a week at Thanksgiving - and give a lot of thanks just for that! Glad you enjoyed it, too.

    Love and good wishes to W's parents. Always good to see a happy ending. Always.

    Love to you and Neal this weekend. Know it's a difficult one. Consider yourself hugged - hard.

  8. Catching up on your blog...yes, I noticed Bodemeister's coat being the only one that was clean and shiny too... I can't believe that about the kid that went missing and the non-caring parent...some people don't deserve to have kids! To your friends with the new baby...CONGRATULATIONS!!! Though we rarely understand it, God always has a plan :-)


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