Monday, March 19, 2018

The Year of Living More With Less: Winter Becomes Me

When spring finally sprung in PA last year, Neal and I looked at each other and breathed a sigh of relief. Well, that wasn't so bad. But many a native Pennsylvanian was quick to point out that the winter of 2017 was mild...a little too mild. So, when double-lined ski pants, 32 Degree Heat silks and touch-sensitive gloves went on sale at Costco last October, I stocked up. They also sold this quilted coat with a fur hood that is, without a doubt, the warmest piece of outwear I've ever had on my body. The CC brand beanies are, it would seem, everywhere this year, but with good reason. Maybe it's the knitted style or just the simple fact that the noggin is now covered, but it has made a big difference in how warm I stay. I also picked up a knitted wool/fleece neck wrap from TJ Maxx and finished off my winter shopping with some $5 snow bibs for Blue at one of the fall consignment sales. We were ready for the arctic winds to blow. 

I've been mocked ruthlessly (mostly by Neal) for my layering technique, but it has allowed me to enjoy...
Christmas caroling in the town square in Lititz (I very Christmas Hallmark movie of us!)
taking in the Christmas windows in NYC 
watching the groundhog emerge at sunrise on Gobbler's Knob (which has a weather all its own. 24 degrees and 20 mph winds. If there's ever a cold day in Hell, I'm sure that is what it will feel like.)
riding to the top of Pittsburgh on the Duquesne Incline at the beginning of February
having a cup of coffee at the world's largest coffee pot 
watching the snow geese migration at sunrise 
and visiting the Philly Zoo before the most recent snow had a chance to melt. 

Occasionally, I've been overdressed, as was the case last month when I layered up to make a snowman after the storm. Except it was 42 degrees and even in just my ski pants and hoodie I was still sweating. 
(This is Edna. She arrived on Sunday, lost her hat on Monday morning, her celery ears on Monday afternoon and was just a wet spot by Monday night.)

Alfred Wainwright, a British author and illustrator of nature guides, is credited as saying, "There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing." I have taken this quote to heart over the past 4 months. And it has allowed me to balk at the wind, snow and ice. Although it continues to try, even at this moment, Old Man Winter can't keep me from enjoying all that Pennsylvania has to offer. It has been brutal and we are all anxiously awaiting warmer weather, but until then, all we have to do is dress for it. More year-round outdoor adventures, less cabin fever.


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  1. Yet... you keep saying "When we get back to PA". I love the eskimo photo, tho!


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