Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Last published on March 29th? Is that right? And it's...uh..June the 4th. That's awesome. I give myself 2 high fives and a double-handed pat on the back for being so dedicated to my writing space.'s no wonder I feel like my mind is being pulled in one direction while my imagination in another and my opinions in yet another.

The biggest and most recent change is a PCS to Ft. Knox, KY over Memorial Day weekend. We have a lovely 3-bedroom ranch with a yard and enough room for all of our furniture plus an elliptical, which arrived today and I've already been on twice. It's my goal to lose at least 30 pounds before transitioning it to a drying rack for Blue's diapers. The story behind this house and how it came to be ours (as opposed to the one down the street) is a post for another day. But let's just say that the entire situation brought into crystal clear focus the difference between men and women (my response: "I'm going to sit down and email him a piece of my mind" and Neal's: "No. Don't say a word. Just let him think that we're still coming.")

So, we're home...for 3 years, give or take. Every PCS has an adjustment period, some longer than others. But with each move, there is a level of excitement about the new town, the new dining options, the new friendships to be made, the new experiences that await us in an unknown corner of the world. I feel none of that here. I have many other feelings, but nothing close to excitement or wonderment, even. Something as small as "I'm going to the grocery store today. It's called Martin's. I've never been to a Martin's" has become "I have to go to Kroger. Be back later." I know Kroger. I used to bag their groceries and pay union dues. Nothing new awaits me at Kroger.

A cursory search on Trip Advisor of our surrounding area told me that for any non-chain restaurants, we will have to drive to Bardstown, about 30 minutes away. There is one German restaurant on the main drag of our ville, but our first visit was an atrocious experience and it will take a fierce hankering for wiener schnitzel to convince me to go back. There is a county museum, a tiny downtown area and a LOT of pawn shops. There is also a Walmart that should be featured on Call of the Wildman, if it hasn't yet. I've been honked at multiple times (apparently I should be anticipating that green light), cut off, and barreled past. I get it...I have out-of-state tags, but I also have an ginormous UK magnet on my tiny little Prius. So maybe assume it's not my first time to this neck of the woods?

And this last piece is more indicative of my need for attention than anything else. When we were living in Virginia, Blue was like a person magnet. Even during our trip up to NYC before the move, people would literally stop us on the street and tell me what a great face he has. Half the staff at the Empire State Building swooned over him. And he is pretty damn cute. He's got fantastic blue eyes and cherub cheeks and he's quite smiley. Plus, he picked up this waving thing last month and all of that together sends most people right over the edge. But not here. Here people are in a hurry and checking their phones and may or may not run their grocery cart right over top of you if it looks like you're going to arrive at the check-out first. No one really smiles and there is no chatting with the cashiers. No small talk, no jokes about kumquats. It's kind of like everyone is just very tired of the military. We have invaded their town (most notably when they brought the Human Resources Command for the entire US Army to Ft. Knox a few years ago and thousands upon thousands of Soldiers and dependents along with it) and they are just annoyed that we keep showing up. Or that we aren't going away. Or both. And I get that. Military families can be large, they can be demanding, and they are almost always opinionated. They often have high expectations. I guess we're just too much of too much. I would probably be annoyed, too.

But it has been a remarkable adjustment. I've lived a slower paced life for over 3 years now. I drive the speed limit, I come to full and complete stops at stop signs, I read the labels on our food, and Blue and I meander our way through Target...often pausing to try on a hat or read through a Sandra Boynton book. Everyone in Georgia and Virginia thought it was charming, but here I just feel like a speed bump. I never realized this is how I used to be. I've been reprogrammed and I didn't even know it.

So, clearly it has been a rough start. We will find a groove, a routine that suits all of us and we will find happiness in this new old corner of the world. But I may start wearing a safety vest when out in public...just so I'm a little harder to plow over.


  1. Back to posting at midnight, I see. But better then than not at all! Have missed having you pop up. Am glad you are getting settled, but sorry you have gone so far from here. Totally enjoyed having you around for six months.

    Would have thought that Kentuckians would be as warm and hospitable as Virginians or Georgians. The few I have known certainly have been. And how about a little appreciation of the money that the military families bring in? Sorry it's taking a while, but you will find your niche and some new friends soon.

    Hugs to your guys! you can have one, too.

  2. Welcome back!!! Moving places is always an adjustment. I thought it was rough moving from "The North" to "The South" my biggest issue was how slow things moved... now when I go home though, I feel like I'm getting run over, no one is as friendly (and this is me talking about my home state).

    It will be an adjustment but if anyone can do it I know you can. You've moved so much, experienced so much and hell why not make them cater to you. Show them how slowing down, makes things better, if possible. I hope that new friends are close on the horizon for you and pals for Blue and couples to enjoy your time with.

    The biggest tragedy is no mom n' pop places to eat less than 30 minutes away. I hate chain restaurants... bless you for having to deal with that girl. :(


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