Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blog Hop on Over

Today...I'm tripping down Memory Lane with recollections of how awesome it was to be at UK when we won the NCAA Championship in 1998 (y' set it up for my next post about how awesome it is to win the NCAA Championship again in 2012...nothing like counting and taking the chickens before they hatch). Please come visit me at From the Sidelines.

Tomorrow...I'm kicking off a new Champagne Friday toast called Small Business Spotlight. I have used so many Etsy artists over the past 6 months, that I want to start highlighting them in a more systematic way. My business has grown exponentially in the past year and that is almost entirely due to word of mouth. Beginning on Fridays, I'm going to let my mouth get a little bigger for the artisans that I have come to adore.

And then...on 1 April I'm going to start the Photo-a-Day-April project. It's not on my 101 list. But it will get me back in the habit of blogging, which I obviously need. Have you ever had so much to discuss that you don't know where to start? C'est moi.

But I'm making myself a promise that if I will blog at least 3 times/week for 6 months, that I will reward myself with an overhaul by Booyah's Momma. And a chocolate lava cake from Chili's. Because what's a reward without food? My grandparents taught me that.


  1. You care so funny. I love your idea of rewarding yourself. LOL! Go Vols!

  2. You're business is exploding because you are GOOD! Go 'cats!

  3. I hear crickets with sports...weird? I want an overhaul.

  4. Hah! It's good to have goals, and even better to plan the rewards for meeting them!

  5. And Kayleen is AMAZING! Looking forward to this overhaul!!! :D


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