Friday, January 13, 2012

Champagne Friday: Random Style

thank you

I have been conspicuously absent around here this week. I haven't felt great and between catching up on Downton Abbey's season 2 premier on the PBS website, trying to stockpile R.E.D. Friday items, and starting my taxes...well, there hasn't been much of anything bloggy in my life this week. But I can't let a Champagne Friday pass without celebrating. So this week I'm popping a cork and recounting some random events from the past week that never quite made it onto the blog. If you have a little random of your own, be sure to link up with Shana.
1. Neal has started back to school so while he's writing papers about the structure of leadership in organizational leadership in leadership companies (or something), I'm watching 30 Rock...from start to now. That's 102 episodes. I'm on number 70. So far, I've learned that Frank is not that foul when dressed as a Harvard man, Jason Sudeikis is way hotter when he's playing Liz's boyfriend, and that show has a lot of guest stars. Like people who, I would imagine, have to appear due to some unfortunate loophole in their contract (especially any cast members from SNL...except for Seth Myer. How did he get out of it?).

2. A number of my friends opted out of Christmas cards this year and decided to go with Happy New Year's cards instead. And here I thought they just didn't care. Also, we are sending out Happy Arbor Day cards instead of Christmas cards so, y'know, keep an eye open for that coming soon to your mailbox.

3. All of the sports commentators nonchalantly commented on Tuesday night that Auburn wouldn't give UK too much trouble in the game on Wednesday. Thanks a freakin lot, guys. We nearly lost and I would have been all too happy to blame it on you and your dooming predictions. Save them for our opponents, will you?

4. While watching the evening news this week, there was a commercial for a flavor enhancer that you put in your food. It comes in a packet and you add the "chicken" flavor to chicken, "beef" flavor to beef, and so on. What the what? Do I even want to know why companies don't think our chicken tastes chickeny enough for us?

5. The season 2 premier of Downton Abbey got clobbered by the critics. Of course, these are the same people who said I should watch Dances With Wolves (still haven't made it through without falling asleep), How Green Was My Valley (sounds like a porn film), and Titanic (OK, you have me there. Although geez, Rose...can you freaking scoot over so Jack doesn't have to freeze to death?). But I thought it was magnificent. A bit of a twist for Mr. Bates and Anna...a little bit o war to keep it real...and Dame Maggie inserting barbs whenever possible. They will probably not win any awards for their depiction of the English at war, but I don't watch DA (I'm going to shorten it and see if it catches on in the interwebs) for the war scenes. I watch it to see Mrs. O'Brien scheme and Lady Mary pine after Matthew. Because I'm a chick and that's what we do.

6. Lastly, Neal has discovered a pizza place in Macon that is 7 different types of garlicky goodness. They get their crust to puff up like Papa John's, but without the tub of grease floating on the top. But if you don't have anything of the Ingleside variety near you, Papa John's is giving away a pizza every 45 seconds every Saturday until Super Bowl. I guess this is their new marketing strategy...if there's going to be a heart attack every 45 seconds, let's make sure we're the leading cause.

Happy Champagne Friday. A toast to you, wherever you are!


  1. I'm obsessed with 30 Rock [it's my ringtone], and Liz Lemon and Jack D. I am also newly smitten/obsessed and might start stalking Jason Sudeikis...

    Ugh Pizza is my one true weakness!

    Happy Friday!!!

  2. The title "How Green was My Valley" definitely sounds all kinds of wrong to me.... but made me giggle like Anderson Cooper anyway :)

    Still need to catch this Downtown Abby. Everyone's talking about it!

    And I saw that chicken/beef flavor enhancer package and thought the same thing. Creepy.

  3. This collection of random bits made for a great post! About the flavor enhancers...scary stuff. I think they already shoot chicken and beef full of "enhancers" that are not good for us, so I won't be buying that product soon. Have a great weekend.

  4. I loved the premiere! I don't listen to critics anymore because I either disagree or 99% of America disagrees and shows like FNL are lost. I did want to yell at Sybil a few times. How could she turn Branson down? I mean, seriously! They better kiss at some point soon or this girl's gonna be mighty disappointed!

  5. As for the AU vs UK match-up....this AU girl was just as surprised by their skills as then entire UK fan-dom. Where in the heck did THAT team come from and why did they loose by 30 points to Vandy last weekend?

  6. We opted out of Christmas cards, New Year's cards, and really any cards, except for thank you cards. I just didn't have it together, I guess. That, and I know people will just throw my money away anyway. :-/

    Those flavor packets! I used the vegetable version for a recipe, but added water and turned it into a stock rather than using it for a flavor enhancer. It's cheaper than stock. Other than that, I'm not sure why in the hell we need it.

    I keep forgetting that we have DA on our Netflix! Gr!

    Damn the 17 Day Diet keeping me from free Papa John's! UGH! Am I 145 lbs. yet!?

  7. My chicken in never chicken-y enough. And yours probably isn't either, you just don't know any better. Clearly. Silly real-food-eating woman.

    Also, now you have me seriously craving a pizza... But I don't want to have to order one. Why can't I just plug in my email and in 46 seconds they can tell me I won?

  8. Its because chicken and beef are pumped so full of plumpers and chemicals that they lose their naturual flavour. So we have to supplement that (non)flavour with more additives and chemicals.
    I have yet to watch Downton Abbey, though I just realized that its called DownTON Abbey. All this time, I thought it was DownTOWN Abbey about a college girl willing to do just about anything to pay her tuition...
    Or was that the plot to How Green Was My Valley??

  9. DA is simply the BOMB!!!! I have Seasons 1 & 2 AND the Christmas special on my laptop! I have Season 1 on DVD already. AND....when I visit Emily in July, we will be visiting Highclere Castle where it's filmed!!!!! I'm so addicted to this show!


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