Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In This Moment

The dishes done,
the laundry folded.
Cleaning out the fridge,

the bread has molded.

Finding the time

to kiss goodbye.

Neal scurries out

with lunch and a sigh.

One vet remembers,

as many do not.

Each day is a bonus,

not an afterthought.

So I hug a little longer

and call a little more
and forget about revenge

or settling the score.

Each day is a bonus.

we mustn't ignore.
We aren't guaranteed tomorrow,

just right now, no less, no more.

This is part of The Scholastic Scribe's Tuesday Poetry Slam that she has just created. I'm certainly not ready for a microphone and a beret, but it does take me back to high school, writing poetry and pose to fit a picture. I feel like I'm 16 again. Maybe I'll have McDonald's for lunch and slip a note to Neal in study hall. Want to join in? Simply jot down a little something and then click over to Mrs. Scribe's blog and comment that you have done so. Easy as Cheese Whiz!


  1. Poetry was my least favourite thing in high school - mostly because I'm not an abstract thinker and could never understand what it all meant.
    I think I get the gyst of this one though, and it is lovely.

  2. Beautiful. Love it. You are a woman of many talents, my friend.

  3. Brilliant! I love it. I read this and thought of you: http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/articles/2010/11/09/say_thanks_with_silence/?fb_ref=art&fb_source=home_oneline

    Miss you friend, hope you've been having fun on your travels!

  4. I'm not a poet but YOU ARE!!! Awesome hun!

  5. The poetry slam is so much fun!

    Great poem....I suck at poetry but I wrote one for today anyway!

  6. But Cheese Whiz iz full of sodium and bad for you, while poetry soothes the soul. ;) Your write up made me smile. I wasn't nearly so creative.

    Everyday is a bonus and your poem and photo are wonderful reminders not to take our loved ones for granted. My mate is off on a business trip and I couldn't rouse him by phone, text, or email. I was starting to panic when he finally called -- jet lag had knocked him flat and he slept for 10 hours -- leaving me about 15 hours with no word.

  7. Oh, how nice!! Love your poem.

    I like this poetry slam. Maybe I should try it (although the only poetry I can do are haikus).

  8. I'm impressed! I'm not able to just spit out poetry like that.

    And you know, the reminder that every day is a bonus is a good one. We should always remember that.

  9. You are very good! Multi-talented in fact. And cheese whiz might be easy but it isn't cheese.

  10. Beautiful poem....I'm terrible at that kind of thing. Lucky for the world there are people like you!!!


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