Wednesday, February 29, 2012


No one can argue that I am not making the most of this Leap Day. Somehow, I promised myself to 2 huge events for the same day...thus 2 blog posts. It may be another 4 years before you see that again.

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy is concluding her 1-year Birthday Bash for the Celebrity Round-up series today and before it was all sealed up, I wanted to share our very own fashion tragedy. I think Kallay said it best when she mentioned that this was the first time she ever regretted not bringing her clothing disasters with her to the next destination. When we split our possessions between our home in Georgia and our townhouse in Kentucky, I (logically) left most of the too small, too tattered, too hideous items up north. Although thinking about it now, that no longer makes sense. I know way more people up there and would be much less likely to wear any of that out past the driveway. But, all the same, it's far away from the eye of the camera.

However, I do have some pretty special house shoes to show off for Amanda's link-up. Let me clarify...they are not mine. I'm pretty sure I would get the middle toe for even trying to get my feet in these. But Neal has worn them almost every night since his return from Kuwait 3 years ago. He found them on the clearance page of the J.Crew website. Just further proof that simply because the label says J.Crew/Gap/Tommy/Gucci/Ralph Lauren don't mean it ain't ugly. And I mean uggggggleeeeeee.

I can't decide what's worse...the shape, the color combination, or the plaid. The most popular couch of 1976 called. It wants its pattern back.

But he adores them and I try to look past his fashion flaws to the man deep, deep inside. In case you've ever wondered...this is what a pair of $6.00 shoes from J. Crew looks like. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Have your own fashion faux pas that you've been silently storing on the top shelf? Dig em out and post a pic for the #BloggersWorstDressed link-up. Each entry lands you a chance to win this Daisy & Elm vintage pearl necklace! (Although Amanda has a MUCH prettier picture on her blog today!)


  1. Isn't it funny that we will wear all kinds of ridiculous things on our feet to be stylish, but to be comfortable, our shoes look like THAT? Something seems not right here.

    I've gotten so many comments on this necklace....people love it! Thanks for helping out :) We'll pick tomorrow to give people an extra day and then announce on Friday.

  2. Those house shoes are....frightening...

  3. Those shoes look crazy but I bet they are so comfortable! That is just my guess. ;)

  4. The most popular couch of 1976 called. It wants its pattern back. <LMAO!!!! I've missed you. This line nearly made me spit out my water. Thank you :)

    And seriously... I don't even have words for those shoes.

  5. Wow. Those are really bad. But not so bad that they're cute. Just...awful. LOL! But I'm sure he somehow pulls them off, huh? Hugs hun!


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