Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Random Musings on a Wednesday

I sat down at my desk this morning instead of my workbench.

I opened up Blogger instead of the Daisy & Elm email account.

I started blogging instead of stringing pearls or answering emails.

It's a step, right?

I've caught a lot of flack lately about the tumbleweeds blowing through this place. And (borrowing from Obama) let me be clear...I am not abandoning my blog. I have not burnt out, run out of things to say (hahaha), or taken up a pseudonym (although some days it is so tempting). I'm just busy. B-U-S-Y. Busier than I ever thought I would be with a hobby. A hobby that I sold as a business but never actually thought it would become one. And now it has. The thing about being a business owner is you work 27 hours a day. I've always known that little nugget of wisdom, I just never thought I would live by it. I had decided that you owned the business, therefore you decide how much you want to work. Unfortunately, that could not be more false. The business owns you. Well, it owns you if you want to be successful anyway.

I am in no way complaining. In fact, I started thinking about it last night and if you consider that I actually started this venture the week I found out I was pregnant (that's a hormonal tangent for you....Oh! I'm going to have a baby! Let's start a business!), I've been running Daisy & Elm for 18 months. That is the longest I've ever held the same full-time job. That speaks volumes to I clearly have issues with authority and the only authority I respect is my I would rather peel my eyelids off of my face than punch into a time I'm not exactly the social workplace butterfly I thought I was. It has nothing to do with working in my pajamas because I get dressed everyday. Well, *almost* everyday. And it tells me that being creative is what keeps me happy, keeps me sane, and minimizes the fights over stupid in the Miller House. It's just a bonus that people seem to like what results from a day in the studio. Part of the agreement that Neal and I made when we went AGR was that he worked outside the house and I worked inside. Yes, it is basically 1945 all of the time here, except that I refuse to wear high heels while vacuuming. He works his 8 hour day and I keep the house clean, the fridge stocked, the dinner on the table, and clean laundry in the closet. Except now I also have this thriving business. My infant hobby became a flourishing (and sometimes cantankerous) teenager. And I couldn't love it more. But that's where I've been.

The biggest problem is, if I don't write almost daily, I feel like my head is going to explode. Like the verbs are going to start leaking from my nose as I empty the dishwasher or I'm just going to pee those past participles right out and they'll be lost forever. This, however, is easily remedied. I just sit down and type. But I also experience massive guilt because I can't take the time right this second to read all of the blog posts by all of the bloggers that make my life so jolly. So, I pick a few. More guilt. Then I don't read any. And I post to my own blog. And lovely bloggers comment. Exponential guilt. Way too much guilt for a converted Catholic. Anyway, I think I have a solution. I can read your blogs on my Droid through Google Reader...I just can't comment. So, I will start reading. I will read everything you guys write. I just won't always least until Neal deploys and I find myself with oodles of time and way too much solitude for a girl. Is that fair? I miss all of you and your stories and what adventures life is taking you on...I miss the connection. But if I miss a deadline, there are also very real and otherwise.

So, for some random musings (if you love random musings like a Sour Patch Kid at the movies, check out Shana @ Fumbling Towards Normalcy. She does them every Friday) before I get back to work....

1. The Deployment gods smiled down on us as we left Ft. Lee last month and we were lacking orders to attend a pre-deployment conference that Saturday. So, we took a tiny detour as we drove through North Carolina to see The Biltmore at Christmas. Neal scored us the last two tickets to the Candlelight Tour for that night (which was opening night) and he grabbed us a room at The Hampton Inn in Hendersonville (which I highly recommend). We only spent 24 hours in Asheville but we toured The Biltmore twice, once that night and then again the next day. It knocked the Bah Humbug right out of me and convinced me to haul all of our Christmas decorations back to Georgia when we went home at Thanksgiving. And it gave us some much needed together time before D-Day (Departure Day).

2. A couple of amazing bloggers have welcomed new bundles of yummy into the world! Amanda @ Its Blogworthy and Kallay @ Kallaydoscope all have new holiday babes! Congratulations, girls and as my sister would say, "Welcome to the Club!"

3. While I realize there are always two sides to every story, I will forever think that John Edwards sucks and I hope that Elizabeth Edwards is having the time of her life with her son, Wade, right now. I hope they are eating chocolate directly from the fountain as she is being fitted for her wings. I hope that Heaven gives her everything that those on Earth could not or would not.

RIP John Lennon. I never knew you as an activist but I grew up on your music. Strawberry Fields, forever!

5.A day that will live in infamy. Remembering all of those who lost their lives on that dark day and all of the ones after. You are gone, but you are certainly not forgotten.

6. There are 2 contests/giveaways going on right now that I absolutely must tell you about. One is over at Shana's place. She's doing the 12 Days of Christmas and today she is giving away a canister of Serendipity's Frozen Hot Chocolate Mix. She can do this, you see, because she lives in NYC. So, check out her blog daily, leave a comment, and get yourself entered to win some of this Big Apple goodness!

Secondly, I'm hosting my own giveaway on the Daisy & Elm Facebook fan page. Entry is easy and multiple entries are even easier. Click on the Discussions tab on the fan page, then Accessorizing with Memories Contest post. Share your favorite holiday memory and you are entered to win a FIFTY DOLLAR gift certificate to Daisy & Elm!! Refer others to the fan page to share their holiday memories and for each referral, you get another entry! The winner will be randomly drawn on Christmas Eve. As bloggers, this should be an easy cheesy task. Even...dare I say...enjoyable?

I promise a Champagne Friday this week and...drumroll, award! Happy Hump Day and just 17 shopping days left! No pressure.

Are you done with your shopping? Do you wish you could hire a team of elves? Have you ever tried to teach your cats how to wrap gifts?


  1. I promise not to be mad about no comments/responses. I'm just glad your business is doing so well! Congratulations— 18 months is a really short amount of time in which to get things thriving that way!

    Also, omigosh, shopping... I should probably finish that up...

  2. I was sooo excited to see you in my reader today. I also have been a little more than MIA. I loved reading the story of your business. I would love to have a business someday and it was just the inspiration I needed. Keep on keepin' on woman!

  3. Hey - while I am on sabbatical from work, I am learning how to bead. You inspired me sister!

  4. As much as I do miss your comments because you (and Salt who is also MIA) are the best commenters ever, I definitely get this! I'm happy you've found a passion that keeps you busy all day and night.

    Did I know you were a converted Catholic? As in you chose the extra guilt? Bless you! I'm already pondering lent, yes it's 2 months away, but deciding what to give up (or do) is a process!

  5. Can I just tell you how glad I am that you are busy with your business?! That is EXCELLENT. Success is good, sister! Although, on the other hand, I do miss you and your wonderful posts - and comments! I miss our interaction. But I know it'll be back sooner or later..... :)

  6. Don't feel guilty about not getting around to blogs. Seriously. I know. Easier said than done.

    And I do need to get to shana's place. I haven't been there in what feels like years.

  7. Glad to see you here today. Blogging is a guilt free activity so stop apologizing! Glad your business is busy and we did the Candlelight Tour at Builtmore a few years ago. Lovely! Post when and only when you can!!!

  8. So happy to see you in my reading list this afternoon, but even more thrilled to know that your Christmas load is so heavy that you are too busy to live in blogland. You'll be back in January when things die down.

    But don;t forget that we are here when D Day gets here and we'll help as much as we can. Hope you and Neal have a wonderful Christmas together!

  9. Allyson Fallulah! You get your bloggy ass back here.

    I do not want verbs leaking out your ears. I want them in MY ears.


    I hope so.

    Miss you.

  10. Hugs! I think most bloggers can relate to being busy and not always having the time to blog AND read others AND comment AND visit those that visit us. Life happens!

    I love that you are getting some quality time in with Neal and that your business is doing so well!! We'll hit those charms HARD in January!!

    I think you will have to visit me when he's away! Pair it up with his R&R as it will be much easier and faster for him to go to Italy from there, than all the way back to the states! Something to think about!! :D

  11. I'm glad you're doing well and kicking girl! I am also happy to hear your business is thriving!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! That place in NC looks amazing it would definitely take over any humbugs I might have been harboring. This year I'm unusually peppy for Christmas and happy. We are already decorated and while all the gifts still need to be purchased our plan of attack is in session!


  12. Yay for doing things that you're passionate about!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!


  13. Thanks for choosing to stay @ the Hampton Inn in Hendersonville when you toured the Biltmore Estate! We look forward to hosting you again!


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